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"Give me your hand
I'll help you land 
right on your feet"


[Emma's vocals create] an endearing, old-school vibe that was made famous by the likes of Carole King and Carly Simon.



Emma's debut EP, Caverns of Youth, is planned for release in April 2024. 

Following two independently released singles, Emma solidifies her coastal folk sound in her newest release.

Recorded in a home studio in Harvard, MA, Caverns of Youth captures raw sound and a lust for life. With a vision and a guitar, Emma worked with producers Max Liebman and Caleb Green to create pure sound from live instruments. 

The EP's first single, "Days," reflects the fleeting yet cyclical nature of life. Filled with warm harmonies and an ear catching riff, the lyrics ponder on the highs and lows of change. "Honey" is a warm single that takes a whimsical spin on growing apart, by creating layers of reverberating guitar waves and creamy pedal steel. Emma is proud of these songs, and she hopes you love them. 

Honey - Main.jpg
Honey - Snippet_edited.jpg
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