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Emma Frances is a singer-songwriter with roots on two coasts: Boston and San Diego. Born into a family of music-lovers, Emma draws inspiration from the folky woods of rural Massachusetts and the laid back groove of southern California. Through her music, she explores identity, family, and adulthood, crafting stories from her personal experiences. Often compared to the likes of Madison Cunningham, Laura Marling, and Carole King, Emma's memorable melodies and raw lyrics blend Americana and   Indie Pop, with a sprinkle of Irish Folk.

At age 3, Emma was a super-fan of The Wizard of Oz. Early home videos show a toddler Emma passionately singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” From there, her involvement in music developed by playing classical piano with her mom and 1920s ukulele tunes with her dad. At the age of 13, she delved into the world of guitar, learning fingerstyle picking inspired by musicians such as Laura Marling, Paul McCartney, and Cat Stevens. Acoustic fingerpicking has become a cornerstone of Emma’s style. She has spent over a decade performing in small venues in Boston and Southern California, where her quiet yet soulful performances blend the softness of acoustic folk with the rhythmic intensity of pop music.

Emma's latest release ,"Days,” releases on February 29 as the first single to her anticipated EP, “Caverns of Youth”. This project captures the joy, uncertainty, and possibility that is a defining part of one's early twenties. The EP marks a departure from the acoustic mellow of her earlier releases, as she welcomes a band to curate a distinctive sound mixing folk and pop.
"Caverns of Youth" follows earlier releases. Following receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Emma's single "Nice To Meet You," came out in 2020 as a reflection of her adventures during a six-month study abroad in New Zealand. In 2023, Emma released “You’ll Never Know,” as a personal goodbye to a lost love. Fueled with a fresh wave of excitement for understanding the world around her, Emma continues to seek answers through song.



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